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12/10/18 Recovery Update

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First Bossier Family and Community,

Today has been a challenging day for our church. The fire that ran through our campus has done a great deal of damage. But we are so very thankful to God that no lives were lost. 

We are so appreciative of the courageous efforts of our Bossier and Shreveport Firefighters and Police Departments. 

While several of our older buildings have been lost our main Worship Center, Tinytown and other parts of our campus will be operational moving forward. 

We have called our church to a prayer and information meeting for this Wednesday evening, December 12 at 6pm in the Bossier Civic Center. 

Our Staff Team has been meeting for prayer and planning our next steps. By God’s grace we will move forward, we will rebuild and we will be committed to making a difference for the cause of Christ. 

Thank you for your faith, love and support. 

Pastor Brad Jurkovich


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