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01/07/19 Recovery Update

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First Bossier Church Rebuild Update 

January 7, 2019

First Bossier Family, 

Can’t thank you enough for being so supportive of our next steps and strategy as we rebuild much of our ministry campus. In our Worship Service yesterday we shared very important information that will be in motion beginning this coming Sunday. 

But even before I get to all the directions and details I want to again celebrate a major victory for our ministry. First Bossier took a major step of faith and outreach in the building of Freedom Fields. That was a 4.2 million dollar project. Our church has been eliminating that debt for the past four years. 

This past August we launched an initiative called The Fourth Quarter Challenge. This initiative was focused upon eliminating the rest of our debt (several hundred thousand dollars) before the end of 2018 so we could pursue our building strategy in 2019. 

It was a bold move. It called for sacrificial giving. But I was so excited to share that not only did our church receive it’s highest year-end offering in the history of our ministry but last week we were able to completely pay-off all our remaining debt! I’m telling you, God can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants, however He wants. He calls us to trust Him, walk with great faith, and be willing to do whatever He calls us to do. God is using Freedom Fields in a great way and I can’t wait to see how He will use our new building strategy going forward. 

As I shared yesterday, whereas the Every Person Project Master Plan we presented in August 2018 was a future building campaign and multiple phase vision, it has now become our immediate rebuild mission. And it’s time! We have an exceptional Building Team committed to serving in this process with integrity, clarity, and bold vision for the future. And we will communicate this process as consistently as we can over throughout the year. 

In my message titled “Mobilized to Thrive” I provided a variety of details and direction for the coming weeks and months as we rebuild. Here is the core of that message so you can have it as we go into this coming Sunday, January 13th, and beyond:

FB Kids (K-5th)

Sunday Morning: Entrance C will be the main entrance for both Tiny Town age kids and FB Kids. While there are no changes for Tiny Town Kids there will be several changes for FB Kids. 

For the weeks leading up to the availability of the 400 Hall (prayerfully the first Sunday in February) FB Kids will be using some rooms in Tiny Town and even utilizing space in our Foyer and adjacent rooms. Kelly and her team are doing an amazing job being creative, fun, safe and secure in all of their planning. They will have small groups during the 9:15 hour and Worship Experience for kids at 10:45.

Wednesday Nights: Beginning January 16 at 6 pm, FB Kids will utilize some of the space in Tiny Town for their Spring Musical Ministry preparation, which a lot of kids participate in. Very fun!

First Students (6-12th)

Beginning this Sunday January 13th  at 9:15, Middle School Students will meet in the Gathering Place, located at Entrance B, for Small Groups. High School Students will be launching a new Small Group Strategy on Sunday nights, utilizing host homes in South Bossier, Bossier, Benton and surrounding areas. Ian will be sharing these details with parents and students this week.

Every church Ian has served at he has led High School Students in a Sunday night Home Group Ministry and it has flourished every time. Numerous churches across America utilize home groups for their High School Small Group Ministry. Ian has a plan and a process that can work. We will need parents and students willing to be creative and committed. 

High School Students on Sunday mornings at 9:15 will have an awesome opportunity to find a strategic place to serve in one of our ministry areas like children, Middle school small groups, greeters, etc. 

We simply don’t have the space to have both Middle School and High School on campus at one hour for small groups. So now is the time to step out and be strategic in equipping, connecting and reaching students in a new way. 

Both Middle School and High School students will worship with adults at the 10:45 Hour as they normally have. 

Wednesday Nights: Both Middle School and High School will worship together on campus in the Gathering Place (Entrance B). This begins Wednesday night January 16th at 6 PM. It is going to rock!

Journey Discipleship

(Wednesday Night Gathering)

Beginning Wednesday January 16th at 6 PM Tiny Town, FB Kids, Student Worship will be fully operational. The coffee shop will be open from 5:30-6:30. 

  • All Wednesday night kids ministry will happen in Tiny Town. 
  • All Wednesday night student ministry will happen in the Gathering Place. 
  • Worship Choir, Praise Team, Band will happen in the Worship Center. 
  • We will have some strategic Adult Discipleship Classes this spring. When they happen will depend upon when the 400 Hall becomes available. We already have classes, teachers and a plan but we just can’t announce the exact date until 400 Hall becomes available. 
  • Wednesday night meals (5-6 pm next to Hospitality Room) will begin as soon as the 400 Hall becomes available. 

Connect Groups 

(Small Groups for Young Adults-Senior Adults)

Question: Where do you house 700-1,000 Adults involved in our Connect Group Small Group Ministry?

We have looked at numerous options and scenarios. We have had several offers to use facilities. But one thing to remember is the further away from campus you are on Sunday mornings the more challenging to attend both a Connect Group and Worship Service. 

The Civic Center is right across the street. And they have been exceptional to work with. 

  • For the next three Sunday mornings, at 9:15 All Adult Connect Groups will be meeting together in the Banquet Hall at the Civic Center. We will have coffee and donuts in the foyer and I, along with David Raney, Ray Raney, and Joe Whitney, will be using the next three Sundays as an orientation as to how we will use the space at the Civic Center. 
  • As soon as the 400 Hall becomes available we will have about 8 Rooms to utilize for Connect Groups to use as well. 

We will be as creative as we can be to have Connect Groups not only meet but grow. We will do everything we can to provide a positive Connect Group Experience. 

Important: While most Sundays you can use most, if not all, of the Civic Center parking, we will be providing Shuttles who will be picking up and dropping off people at Entrances A, B, and C of our main campus. So we will have to be aware of time it takes to get started and dismiss in order to be in Worship Service on time.

We need each other now more than ever and being a part of a Connect Group is critical for your Christian walk and even more so when your church family is rebuilding. Lets be committed, involved, and inviting our friends! Can’t wait to see you this Sunday!

Love you, 

Pastor Brad


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