Community, Giving, and Easter Services

First Bossier Family,

Thank you for making this past Sunday such a positive experience for our church family by gathering on-line in record numbers. I’ve heard from so many of you and I am so grateful for your faith, courage, and commitment to seeing our ministry strong through this crisis. I just want to keep you as informed as to how our ministry is functioning and responding during this crisis.

First, we have an incredible staff team. They are praying for you and committed to ministry to our church family during this crisis. As a ministry we will be doing all we can to communicate and care for our family.

  • First Kids will be a part of our Sunday morning Online Experience. They will be providing resources for kids and families each week.
  • First Students will be connecting with Students each week online and in other creative ways.
  • Our Connect Groups will be more important now than ever before. Lots of communication will be needed and our team will do what we can to encourage our Connect Group leaders and help facilitate gathering online and in other creative ways. Our Connect Groups are a great way to know who is in need and how we can meet needs. If you are interested in joining a Connect Group then please contact Matt Cate at
  • Our FB Sports has communicated that our Soccer Season has been postponed and will be sending out further details as we move through this crisis.
  • Celebrate Recovery will still be happening, but with new guidelines.
  • Our Senior Adult ministry is doing all it can to minister to our Senior Adults. While we are limited in our hospital visitation efforts we will certainly be in communication with families and do all we can to minister to individuals and families.
  • Our midweek gathering called JOURNEY has been cancelled for the remainder of this semester.
  • Vertical Lunch events have been cancelled for this semester.
  • Our Diamond Set Gatherings and Diva lunch events have been cancelled.
  • Our Deacons will be intentional with our Widows and in helping show the care and compassion of Jesus to them.

Second, we are committed to being strategic in caring for our community.

  • We are looking at how we can shop for Seniors and Single Parents
  • We are exploring ways to connect with families.
  • We are discussing how we can get food to Seniors, families and individuals.
  • We will support local businesses by using the drive thru at restaurants.

Third, we will need to be intentional in our giving.

  • Many are learning how easy and safe and secure our on-line giving is. Simply visit our website at and click on “Give.”
  • Our office is open for all who want to drop off their giving.
  • Many still mail in their giving.
  • All three of these avenues are operational and important.
  • Our ministry team is being very intentional to minimize expenses and to take care of our team and their families.
  • It really is encouraging to see how the investment of our ministry in media resources is being used for such a strategic time as we are in. Thank you for giving so that we can stay strong through this crisis.

Fourth, Easter Sunday is weeks away. We will make Easter Sunday morning as great an Online experience as possible. You will be receiving an Easter invite graphic to share with your friends and family via email, text, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that others can join us for Easter Online!

We will be in touch as we go into this weekend. Praying for you and believing that God will go before us in all things.

Pastor Brad