Online Group Videos

Every week we will be posting the most recent Journey and Connect Groups videos on this page. Please save this page and share it with your friends and family that may be looking for studies to listen to and watch during time in quarantine.

Matt Cate 5/06

Justin Woodall 5/06

Matt Cate 4/29

Justin Woodall 4/29

Matt Cate 4/22

Robert Finley 4/22

Justin Woodall 4/22

Matt Cate 4/15

Robert Finley 4/15

Justin Woodall 4/15

Matt Cate 4/8

Robert Finley 4/8

Justin Woodall 4/8

Matt Cate 4/1

Robert Finley 4/1

Justin Woodall 4/1

Matt Cate 3/25

Robert Finley 3/25

Justin Woodall 3/25