Connection Classes Offered
College Ages 18-25 room 104
Singles Ages 26-35 room 100B
Ages 30s-50s 101B-C
Ages 36-59 room 202A
Ages 60+ room 406
Women-All ages room 405
Men-All ages room 101D
Young Adults Ages 20s-30s rooms 400, 403
Ages 30s room 404
Ages 30s-40s rooms 302, 401, 402
Median Adults Ages 40s room 106
Ages 40s-50s rooms 103, 200
Ages 50s-60s rooms 304, 305B, 308, 407
Ages 60+ Faith Chapel Foyer, Conference Room
Senior Adults Ages 65+ rooms 303, 306, 307, 309
Women All Ages room 305
Ages 65+ rooms 301, 301C, 300A-B, 300C
Men Ages 65+ room 301B

Sunday Mornings 9:15-10:30

Journey: Wednesday evenings Fall & Spring Semesters 6:00-7:15 PM

Connection Matters!!!

Jesus was in a small group. Life Change happens in small groups.

We want you to know that we live out our beliefs, which are to

• Reach families
• Serve families
• Disciple families
• Mobilize families

We also believe that one of the best ways to do that in a church our size is to organize people into small groups, which we call “Connection Classes”. Regardless of your walk in life, there is a place for you! We have Connection Classes for all ages from preschool to senior adults.

We know that Jesus breathed into small groups of seventy (Luke 10), chose twelve disciples whom He spent tons of time with, had an inner circle of three (Peter, James, and John), and even had one disciple whom He called the “Beloved”. (John) Here at First Bossier you will find a Connection Class that fits into the Biblical example of small groups!


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